Design your organization for change

We combine employee experiential learning with employer organization design to help your company thrive amidst any form of change

Change is now Inevitable

Change is a constant feature of today’s business climate, and companies that do not embrace it risk rapidly sliding into irrelevance.

But change is hard, and embracing change is about far more than using new technology or adopting agile methodologies. Today, most managers and employees are filled with change fatigue and anxiety, overwhelmed by waves of technology, business and societal disruption.

Organizations that are designed for change have adaptability and resilience embedded into their culture as core values. Their infrastructure supports change, their policies reflect the reality of change, and their employees are wired to thrive amidst change.

We can help your organization become designed for change by upskilling managers and employees, and by ensuring that your company enables their continuous growth.

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Is Your Company Changing?

New Technologies

Adoption of AI, robotics, or automation

New Work Environment

Shift to remote, hybrid or distributed work

New Size/Structure

Hiring, downsizing or reorganization

New Business Strategy

New revenue models, GTM strategy or cost drivers

We make change readiness a team sport

Our approach helps your employees thrive, and helps ensure the design of your organization supports their growth

How it Works

Manager/Employee Experience: Get Wired for Change and Start Enjoying Work Again.

A guided journey of self-discovery & practice that helps all employees thrive in fast-paced and rapidly changing work environments.

  •  Learn/Do experiences to embed understanding as habits
  • Support and accountability from BillionMinds guides
  • Integrated individual contributor and manager experience
  • Rewards and certifications

Employer Experience: Get Designed for Change to Gain Strategic Advantage

Human-centered organization design, centered around concrete data of the employee experience.

  • Adaptability & Resilience dashboard
  • Workplace Readiness report
  • Detailed action plans, spanning recommended organization structure, policies, processes, employee readiness and culture.

Future-proof your workforce with durable soft skills

When your organization is optimized for change, EVERYONE wins!


Swiftly adapt to market and trend changes

Cultivate a culture of continuous development

Increase engagement and improve retention


Rapidly adapt to changing requirements

Improve internal and external collaboration

Empower confident team-level decision making


Improve personal resilience inside and outside of work

Fuel personal and career growth

Boost job satisfaction and loyalty

The Manager and Employee Experience

Managers and Employees love it...and that's why it works

Read about the cascading benefits of future-proof soft skills

Soft Skills Development That Sticks

By fusing experiential learning and organizational change management we ensure sustainable results

  • Curricula derived from a meticulous study into the key challenges of the modern work environment
  • Modules engineered to maximize learning and instill lasting behaviors via incremental adjustments
  • Instead of teaching “one correct method,” employees go on a guided journey of self-discovery and practice
  • Hands-on opportunities for employees to apply knowledge and hone skills in real-world situations.

I’m happy to share that I’ve obtained my Remote Work Certification from BillionMinds! Well-being, organization, control, motivation, balance and resilience. Learning how to juggle with these six invisible balls as a remote worker has been awesome!

Happy to have completed the Remote Work Fundamentals course through BillionMinds! I’ve really enjoyed this program so far and the way it reframes how we accomplish work in remote and hybrid environments.

After achieving my Control badge, we started a new rule this year “No Agenda, No Attenda.” Its nice to know why you are showing up to a meeting and what you are there to achieve. Another way that helps us all control our day in the virtual office.

BillionMinds has this cool tool where you can start a “focus period” on an action item, and a clock starts running while you focus all your attention on that one task. Love that feature and this platform!

I love how it draws upon proven research on personal effectiveness, but distills it into actionable concepts that set me on the course to a more productive, effective and fulfilling life.

I learned why productivity should be tied to my goals and walked away with key game-changers to make me more successful in achieving MY goals, not other people’s objectives for me.

The results were immediate and dramatic for me. I felt my productivity and my happiness rise as I developed skills that enabled me to work better outside the office. I can’t wait to tell my friends and co-workers about it!

Traditional approaches to skills development don't work


📖 of traditional soft skills training is lost within one month


🪴of employees actively engage in developing new skills


⌛of current skills will be out of date by 2025

...and here's why

  1. Brain Adaptation: Workshops lack reinforcement; daily integration fosters lasting neuroplastic change.
  2. Incremental Learning: The brain prefers learning in small, consistent steps over information floods.
  3. Feedback Loops: Traditional methods miss feedback; adapting to brain pace allows self-correction.
  4. Sustained Engagement: Inspirational boosts fade; aligning with brain function maintains long-term motivation.

Let's talk about how to get your organization Optimized for Change

Frequently Asked Questions

Would My Company Benefit From This?

Probably our favourite question. Not all companies do benefit from BillionMinds. You are our customer if only you can say yes to ALL of the above:

  • You believe that skilled, engaged employees are important to your companies’ success
  • You believe in growing existing employees alongside hiring new employees
  • Your organization is undergoing, anticipates or has recently experienced a change in company size/structure, work practices, work environments, business strategy, or technology adoption.

I'm already doing work to improve my organization's design. Can your employee focused programs plug into these?

Absolutely! We do this all the time. We can also provide analytics and reporting, which will help you discover how effective your work is at the manager and employee level.

You offer both employee and employer based services. Where should I start?

There is no one answer to this, so we recommend you contact us, so we can discover the right approach.

How do you measure success?

At an employee level, we measure progress through the curriculum, practical application of skills, and assess knowledge gained. We deliver an assessment of the cohorts’ adaptability and resilience, combined with an assessment of the infrastructure, policy and culture of the organization.

What Actual Skills Do Managers and Employees Develop?

Traditional soft skills ontologies don’t work in modern work environments, so we’ve based our programs on primary research into the behaviors of the most successful people in rapidly changing work environments. Our research spanned many fields, including business, entertainment, and sports. The most successful individuals in these fields are highly adaptable and resilient. Our skills development focuses on building these key traits, but on the way, employees are developing all the soft skills necessary to thrive in the workplace. These include (but are not limited to) communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, critical thinking and time management. Skills are developed at an individual and team level and are customized for the specific drivers of change.