Soft Skills Development is Hard Easy

A practical, approachable platform that embeds critical soft skills through bite-sized learn/do experiences

Soft Skills are Essential, but Traditional Approaches Just Don't work


๐Ÿ™of traditional soft skills training is lost within one month


๐Ÿ‘Š of employers have noticed soft skills decreasing over the last five years


๐Ÿค• of bad hires are due to lack of soft skills

No prior training required

๐Ÿค“ Self-paced Learn/Do experiences rapidly embed skills and lead to certification
โ›ฑ Skills can be used inside and outside of work
๐Ÿฟ Consumer-grade experience makes it approachable, fun & entertaining

Skills to make your people and business succeed

Your Employees

Get more done in less time

Improve their work / life balance

Engage more effectively at work

Your Teams

Collaborate better

Optimize synchronous and asynchronous work

Hold fewer, better meetings

Your Organization

Improves culture

Increases trust

Reduces employee absenteeism and turnover

The BillionMinds Journey

Guided Self-Discovery Leading to Measurable Skills

Transparent Pricing for All

Soft Skills Development Supported by Certification

Employee Program

Prove you have future-proof soft skills and can do great work from anywhere


Over 100 Learn/Do Experiences

Choice of Remote, Hybrid or Flexible Work Professional Certification Exam (3 Attempts)

Dedicated E-mail/Slack Support from BillionMinds Guides

Online Certificate Shareable on LinkedIn

1 Year access to the BillionMinds Learn/Do Environment (Web and Mobile)

Flexible Work Planner

Study Guide

Manager Program

All you need to prove you can manage remote/hybrid teams


Over 120 Learn/Do Experiences

Dedicated E-Mail/Slack Support from BillionMinds Guides

Choice of Remote, Hybrid or Flexible Manager Certification Exam (3 Attempts)

Online Certificate Shareable on LinkedIn

1 Year access to the BillionMinds Learn/Do Environment (Web and Mobile)

Flexible Work Planner for Managers

Study Guide

Additional Services

Tools to provide support and accountability, plus consulting options


Flexible Work Planner (Physical Copy)

Self-Paced Support and Accountability

Accelerated Programming

Customized Assessments

Consulting Options to support HR and L&D Teams

Custom Onboarding Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results?

Like any skills development program, a lot depends on what you put into it, but if employees practice for 10 minutes each day, they will be ready to pass our Fundamentals certification within 2 weeks, and the Professional or Manager certification inside 3 months

How do you measure success?

We aren’t just helping employees get a theoretical understanding – we are embedding new behaviors. Our unique Learn/Do environment validates that employees understand their own strengths and weaknesses, hone their own skills and can apply them appropriately. That gives them the feedback they need to be sure they are ready for the exam. The exam doesn’t just measure theoretical knowledge, but determines how it is practically applied.

How easy is this to roll out?

It’s really straightforward. Once employees are signed up, they can join one of our weekly onboarding calls. This gets them logged into the BillionMinds environment and into their very first Learn/Do experience.

If you have a team of people to bring on board, just get on a quick call with us, and we’ll have the team set up in no time. It’s all web-based, so there is zero software to roll out.

I want to get the certification faster, can I do that?

The certifications are challenging, but we do offer accelerated packages with study guides and support from a BillionMinds coach that can be helpful if you needy our employees or managers to get there in less than 3 months. For more details see Certification.

What Actual Skills Do You Develop?

There is no one definitive categorization of soft skills, so BillionMinds has based our program on primary research into the behaviors of the most successful people in unstructured ambiguous work environments. Our research spanned many fields, including business, entertainment and sports. The most successful individuals in these fields developed a high level of competency in five key areas – Organization, Control, Motivation, Balance and Resilience, and did so on a foundation of Wellbeing. That is therefore our area of focus.

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