Navigate Change in Work Environments

Create a workforce that can thrive at any time from any place

Employees crave flexible work arrangements, and employers can derive huge business benefits from the arrangement.

But most employers have not given full consideration to the skills employees and managers need to do great work from anywhere. Nor have they determined the changes to infrastructure, policy and culture to support these types of work arrangements.

BillionMinds can help you design a human-centered organization that is designed to thrive as a distributed, hybrid or remote organization, ensuring that no employee is left behind as you make the transition, and making sure that the arrangements results in a strategic advantage to your company.

Our Offerings

Employee Readiness

Learning and Development for Managers and Employees

Learning programs that make employees and managers wired for flexible work

Reporting and analytics delivered to the employer to demonstrate growth

Certification and badges to encourage employee development

Peer support from BillionMinds Guides

Company Design

Create an organization is optimized for flexible work, and ready for whatever is next

Structured human-centered consulting engagements over fixed period (6-10 weeks)

Detailed report with recommendations that span company structure, infrastructure, policy, processes, culture and employee readiness

Option to choose in-person or virtual consulting engagements

Ongoing access to BillionMinds research into changing work practices