BillionMinds Consulting

Design Your Organization for Change

Do you know what your organization will look like in 3 years’ time?

If the answer is no, welcome to the new world of work. Structural shifts in society and technology mean that change is now a constant feature of today’s fast moving business climate. If your organization is to thrive into the future of work, it must be designed for change.

That’s where we come in. Our consultants combine BillionMinds research into changing work environments, with human-centered design principles to help ensure that across infrastructure, policy, employee readiness and culture, your organization is highly adaptable, resilient, and ready for whatever is next.

BillionMinds standard consulting engagements are suitable for small to medium-sized business (20-500 employees). We also offer custom engagements for organizations of over 500 employees.

BillionMinds also offers custom engagements designed to provide an independent perspective on how change is impacting your workforce

About Our Approach

A standard BillionMinds consulting engagements is 6-10 weeks in duration, focuses on a single driver of change in your organization and uses the following structure.

  • In-depth interviews with key leaders and employees to understand goals and determine employee and leader readiness for change
  • An employee and manager survey designed to measure sentiments on the current environment, using both direct and indirect questioning techniques
  • Benchmarking of results against other organizations with similar dynamics
  • A custom report that includes guidelines for how the work environment should be structured, broken down by role type
  • Specific recommendations to leadership for technology changes, process changes, learning and development investments and cultural measures


BillionMinds Standard Consulting Engagements

Changing Business Strategy

Design your organization to deal with fast changing business strategy

Changing Technology Environment

Design your organization to benefit from rapidly changing technology (e.g. AI)

Changing Work Environment

Design your organization to thrive as the company size changes rapidly, or adopts remote/hybrid

Changing Work Practices

Design your organization to thrive as employees are measured and managed differently