Master Flexible Work

Embed skills to thrive in remote, hybrid and distributed work environments as an employee or manager

Why this program?

Flexible work environments, including hybrid and remote work arrangements, are here to stay, but there is a difference between surviving in this new world of work and thriving in it.

To excel in flexible work environments employees and managers must:

  • Seamlessly shift between work and non-work
  • Sustain motivation with minimal supervision
  • Retain focus despite challenging distractions
  • Excel at asynchronous collaboration

Experiences tailored for modern work dynamics

Adapt to hybrid and remote workscapes not just to survive, but to thrive. 🚀

  • Access to over 100 Learn/Do Experiences
  • Flexible Work Skills Planner (digital or physical)
  • Opportunity to get certified in Flexible Work

Science-based learning that works

Grounded in the science of change, our programs:

  • Foster instant enhancements and lasting transformations in work habits
  • Elevate well-being, organization, control, balance, and motivation
  • Unify employees and managers for cohesive growth

Support and accountability comes standard

Guidance and community every step of the way.

  • Access to BillionMinders community
  • Support from a dedicated BillionMinds Guide 🤠
  • Ability to share badges and certifications with colleagues