Group Masterclasses

Learning and Development combined with custom coaching

Why Masterclasses?

Masterclasses are a great way to go deep into skills employees and leaders need to thrive in modern work environments. Our masterclasses are small group interactive sessions designed to help participants discover the right approach for them as individuals and in a group setting. Each masterclass is led by a BillionMinds subject matter expert, and uses the following structure:

Dive into Key Ideas: Brief exploration of foundational concepts critical for professional growth.

Engage in Dynamic Dialogues: Participate in lively discussions to tailor these ideas for personal and team success.

Practical Application Tips: Receive expert advice on incorporating these strategies into daily routines.

Skills-based Catalog


How to ensure you have the foundations to do great work


How to develop and maintain an organizing style that works for you and your team


How to gain just enough control of your day to keep you productive


How to balance the various different parts of your life, including work


How to sustain motivation as work becomes more fragmented and unstructured


How to adjust to fast changing work environments


How to thrive emotionally and intellectually amidst change

Scenario-based Catalog

Asynchronous Communication

How to use tools and techniques to communicate and collaborate asynchronously with excellence

Calendar and Meeting Management

How to use your calendar in a way that works well for you and your team, plus proven meeting rules and norms

Optimizing Hybrid/Remote

Specific considerations that hybrid and remote teams use to function at their best

Me vs We

How to balance your own needs with those of the broader team

AI Aptitude

How to responsibly use Generative AI in ways that increase productivity but manage risk in your organization (basic familiarity with Chat-GPT is assumed)

Identifying and Growing Soft Skills

How to measure and grow team members based on soft skills

Thriving Early in Career

Specific considerations to help employees get off to a good start in the new world of work

Thriving Early in Management

Specific considerations to help new people managers thrive in rapidly changing work environments


Who should attend these masterclasses?

Anyone keen on thriving in modern, flexible workspaces is an ideal participant. Our masterclasses cater to both BillionMinds participants and non-participants. Whether you’re seeking to hone your personal productivity, boost team dynamics, or navigate the challenges of remote and hybrid workspaces, there’s something here for you.

How are the masterclasses structured?

Our masterclasses follow a dynamic structure, starting with a conceptual overview, followed by interactive discussions on individual and team implementation, and concluding with guidance on practicing these concepts. Designed for up to 12 participants, these sessions encourage active engagement, including the expectation for virtual attendees to have their cameras on to facilitate group discussion.

What's the cost of attending a masterclass?

Pricing varies based on the format and whether you’re a BillionMinds program participant. For instance, an online 1-hour masterclass costs $800, with a discounted rate of $400 for program members. We also offer custom masterclasses, with development and delivery priced separately, and additional discounts available for bulk purchases.

How can I or my organization benefit from BillionMinds Masterclasses?

Beyond the direct skills and strategies gained from the masterclasses, participants enrolled in the BillionMinds program gain access to over 100 Learn/Do experiences and the chance to become certified in flexible work. Our offerings are designed not just for individual contributors but also for managers looking to elevate their team’s performance in today’s evolving work landscape.

How can I enroll or learn more?

To dive deeper into how BillionMinds can empower you or your organization to navigate the future of work with confidence, reach out to us at Whether you’re interested in standard masterclasses, custom sessions, or enrolling in our comprehensive program, we’re here to tailor a learning path that meets your unique needs and goals.

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