About the BillionMinds Remote/Hybrid Work Certification

Prove your employees have the skills to do work from anywhere

The transition to hybrid and remote work scenarios can be challenging for managers and employees alike.

Working with organizations across seven different countries, BillionMinds has identified the skills employees and managers need to make remote work “better than being there”. Our Remote/Hybrid Work Certifications allow employees and managers to prove to themselves and others that they are high-performing remote or hybrid team members.

This certification is shareable on LinkedIn and proves to you and the world that they have the skills required to succeed in challenging distributed work environments. It demonstrates theoretical and practical remote work skills through a combination of exercises performed in the Billionminds platform and a challenging skills validation exam.

Employees can begin proving their skills in as little as two weeks as long as they commit to practicing BillionMinds for 10 minutes each working day.



Be the Employer of Choice for Talented Employees

Many companies are experiencing a talent shortage. Offering this certification to your employees helps you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your commitment to professional development and career advancement.

Encourage Collaboration in Remote and Hybrid Teams

Whether your company is 100% remote or hybrid, it’s essential that your team can work together even when they’re geographically distanced. BillionMinds certification program gives your employees the skills they need to effectively collaborate with others.

Build Trust and Get Rid of Micromanaging

Once employees can prove that they have the skills necessary to work independently, your managers can stop micromanaging them. Instead, they can comfortably leave remote workers alone and trust that they will get their work done on time.

Watch Productivity Skyrocket

We believe that everyone can work remotely – once they have the right skills and behaviors to do so. Through the certification process, your employees will learn to embed remote working skills into their daily behaviors in ways that result in increased motivation and productivity.

So, the real question is, can you afford not to certify your employees?


What’s the point of the BillionMinds Certification?

Our certification program helps employers identify workers who have the skills needed to work remotely successfully or in hybrid teams. It also helps employees feel valued and can help with retention efforts.

How do employees get certified?

Employees will have opportunities to take exams throughout the course of the BillionMinds program. They can earn their first Remote Work Certification in just two weeks — as long as they commit to practicing 10 minutes a day, five days a week.

What if they don't pass first time around?

We take certification very seriously. Employees can’t just keep taking the same test over and over again until they pass. Instead, they are allowed to take a certification test once per month. So, encourage employees to only attempt certification once they have completed all the modules required.

How long is each certification exam?

Exams vary in length, but as an example the Remote Work Professional exam is around 1 hour and measures both theoretical and applied knowledge

Do Employees need to recertify?

Once an employee has earned a certificate, it’s theirs forever. Of course, we recommend that employees stay on top of their BillionMinds learning so they can build on each certificate and become even more effective remote workers.

Who should get certified?

This is a choice you should make at a team or organizational level. Organizations that are committed are fully committed to a hybrid or remote path typically make the certification part of the professional development of all employees. Managers and leaders pursue the manager certification, and employees pursue the professional certification. Others choose to target particular employees, such as those who are new to role, or new to remote work.

Are there different remote and hybrid certifications?

All employees gain an understanding of techniques that will work in both hybrid and remote work scenarios, but they can choose which certification to pursue, based on their specific work scenario.

If an employee becomes a manager during the process - can I switch them to the manager certification?

Yes! If you notify us you can transition them to the manager certification, and just pay the difference. We will take care of the rest!

Discover how we can help you certify the employees in your organization