Thrive With AI Skills

Equip employees for the future of work

Why this program?

ChatGPT and other generative AI systems are reshaping our work landscape at faster than organizations can adapt. Going beyond prompt engineering, employees must master safe and effective use of AI to grow the business at low risk.

To thrive in this AI-altered arena, employees must:

  • Seamlessly weave AI into everyday work
  • Detect AI inaccuracies, biases, or deceptions
  • Shield the company from deep fake threats
  • Minimize risks of data leakage and plagiarism
  • Evolve continually as AI’s influence expands.

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Experiences tailored for the AI revolution

Embrace AI integration in your workflow, not just to keep pace, but to lead the way. 🚀

  • Access to over 60 Learn/Do Experiences
  • AI Readiness Work Skills Planner (digital or physical)
  • Opportunity to earn AI Readiness Certificate

Our Approach

Science-based learning that works

Grounded in the science of human change, our programs:

  • Foster instant enhancements and lasting transformations in work habits
  • Boost adaptability, critical thinking, ethical AI use, and digital security
  • Align individual skills with organizational goals for unified, future-ready growth

Support and accountability comes standard

Guidance and community every step of the way.

  • Access to BillionMinders community
  • Support from a dedicated BillionMinds Guide 🤠
  • Ability to share badges and certifications with colleagues

Our AI Readiness Programs

Build Your Own Skills, or Upskill Your Team/Organization

Individual Plan

All You Need to Master AI Use Today and in the Future


70 Learn/Do Experiences

AI Readiness Certification Exam

Online Certificate Shareable on LinkedIn

AI Work Planner

Study Guide

Company Plan

For Full Rollout Inside Your Company (30 or more employees)

$500 per employee

All Elements of the Individual Program PLUS

70 Learn/Do Experiences for Employees

Reporting and Analytics for Organization

Custom Recommendations on how to adjust Infrastructure, Policy and Culture

Discounted Access to BillionMinds Masterclasses

Leadership Cohort

Grow Individual Skills and Develop the AI Strategy for Your Organization


All Elements of the Individual Program, PLUS

3 Live Masterclasses to discuss AI infrastructure, policy and culture

15% Discount on Future Company Deployments