Develop Your Remote Working Skills

Prove to your employer that you can be trusted to work independently

You believe you can work independently in a remote work environment. But your boss seems to think otherwise. Their way-too-frequent check-ins and constant micromanagement are cutting into your ability to work.

Unfortunately, being stuck in this seemingly endless cycle can end up as a self-fulfilling prophecy for your boss, who isn’t seeing the results they want from you as a remote employee.

BillionMinds is here to help. With our simple app, you can refine your remote working skills and prove to your employer that you can be trusted to work independently even when you are geographically distanced from them.


Take Control of Your Day

It’s easy to get distracted as a remote worker or end up working all hours of the day and night. With BillionMind Go, you’ll learn how to take back control and find meaning in your day, integrate work better with the rest of your life, and master unpredictability.

Develop your remote working skills

Working remotely requires a different set of skills from working in an office. Discover which of those skills you excel at and which ones need some additional support. Then, train yourself to develop the remote working skills that will benefit you and your organization the most.

Prove Your Worth

BillionMinds offers multiple certification options along the way that you can share with your employer. This gives them the confidence they need to enable you to work remotely without micromanagement. You get more control over your day, they get more time back, and the entire organization sees the benefits.

How BillionMinds Improves Skills

I’m happy to share that I’ve obtained my Remote Work Certification from BillionMinds! Well-being, organization, control, motivation, balance and resilience. Learning how to juggle with these six invisible balls as a remote worker has been awesome!

Happy to have completed the Remote Work Fundamentals course through BillionMinds! I’ve really enjoyed this program so far and the way it reframes how we accomplish work in remote and hybrid environments.

After achieving my Control badge, we started a new rule this year “No Agenda, No Attenda.” Its nice to know why you are showing up to a meeting and what you are there to achieve. Another way that helps us all control our day in the virtual office.

BillionMinds has this cool tool where you can start a “focus period” on an action item, and a clock starts running while you focus all your attention on that one task. Love that feature and this platform!

I love how it draws upon proven research on personal effectiveness, but distills it into actionable concepts that set me on the course to a more productive, effective and fulfilling life.

I learned why productivity should be tied to my goals and walked away with key game-changers to make me more successful in achieving MY goals, not other people’s objectives for me.

The results were immediate and dramatic for me. I felt my productivity and my happiness rise as I developed skills that enabled me to work better outside the office. I can’t wait to tell my friends and co-workers about it!

Our Plans

BillionMinds Supported

Support from a BillionMinds Guide



Includes everything in the self-coached plan plus

Personalized onboarding

Monthly coaching sessions from a certified BillionMinds guide


What are the learning methods based on?

BillionMinds relies on science-based learning that has been designed by learning and change management experts. Our science-based skills development methodology has been proven to foster long-term retention. No gimmicks here. Just science.

Can my employer pay for this?

That’s up to them! Many employers see the benefits of having their remote and hybrid employees train with BillionMinds to become more efficient, happier workers. Have them contact us to learn more about our corporate training options.

How long is this going to take me?

We know your days are busy and that the last thing you want to do is spend hours every week doing more training. That’s why we’ve divided BillionMinds into small, manageable blocks of learning. It only takes 10 minutes a day to start seeing noticeable improvements in your effectiveness and happiness.

Is this just a bunch of videos?

No. BillionMinds is comprised of what we call a learn-do approach. So, first, you will watch a short video on a specific topic related to remote work. Then, you’ll do an action related to what you just learned. This approach has been proven to lead to long-term success.

How do I earn a certification?

You’ll be eligible for your first certification after just five consecutive days of training 10 minutes per day. From there, you’ll be offered opportunities to get certified when you achieve particular milestones. All of your certifications are shareable, so you can demonstrate to your boss that you are remote-work ready.

What skills will I develop?

Through our extensive study of the behaviors of remote workers, we have identified five key skills that remote workers need to master to be successful: organization, control, motivation, balance, and resilience. These are the fundamental skills you will develop as you work through BillionMinds.