AI Program

Go beyond prompt engineering to master safe and effective use of AI

Thank you for attending our recent event “Building an AI Ready Workforce”

We are pleased to offer attendees of the event 20% off all our AI readiness programs (Valid until April 15th 2024). You can buy these individually or in groups directly, or contact us for more information.


Weave AI into everyday work

Discover the most efficient ways to work with the plethora of AI tools available

Detect AI inaccuracies, biases or deceptions

Correct for the mistakes AI inevitably makes

Minimize risks of data leakage and plagiarism

Stay productive with AI while reducing risks to yourself, your team and your organization

Evolve continuously as AI expands

Adapt and respond as the pace of AI evolution increases

Our AI program and certification goes beyond prompt engineering to help ensure that you master safe and effective use of AI.


Individual Program

All you need to use AI effectively in your organization


60+ Learn/Do Experiences

AI Readiness Certification Exam (3 Attempts)

Online Certificate Shareable on LinkedIn

AI Work Planner

Study Guide

Company Program

AI Program Combined with Reporting and Analytics

$500 per employee

Learn/Do Experiences for Employees

Reporting and Analytics for Organization

Recommendations on how to adjust Infrastructure, Policy and Culture

Discounted Access to BillionMinds Masterclasses