Ebook Report

How to Make Remote Work WORK

A complementary guide to helping CEOs and HR leaders build thriving remote workforces

Facing the Reality of the Modern Workforce

Today, over 1 billion people are working outside the office for at least one day a week. While remote work is becoming more common, the expectations around remote work continue to evolve for employees and employers alike.

The truth is, there isn’t just one way to manage a remote and hybrid workforce. Organizations need to determine the remote work mode that best fits their needs and can be beneficial for their employees.

That starts by learning what those models are and how they can benefit different types of organizations based on their strategic needs.

Making Strategic Decisions about Remote Work

Executives across industries are tasked with making essential decisions about how to structure their organizations to effectively manage remote and hybrid employees without sacrificing the success of the business.

Consider this eBook your manual to understand the hybrid workforce and prepare for the future of your organization as you settle into a hybrid or fully remote work model.

This eBook offers practical guidance on how to implement different remote work models to ensure your organization maximizes the business benefits that can come from a hybrid or fully remote workforce. It highlights how to optimize a hybrid workplace to build trust across the hierarchy and will help you avoid the pitfalls associated with a poorly planned and managed remote work policy.

🔑 Inside you’ll find:

  • Insights into the inevitability of the remote and hybrid workplace
  • A pros/cons analysis of the most common hybrid workplace patterns
  • A framework for optimizing a high-trust hybrid workplace