Getting Outside, Human Superpowers and Startup Hustle

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    Welcome to this week’s edition!

    As ever each week we drop a video to help you be more productive in work and life, a future of work insight, and share our favorite new thing. Let’s get going!

    The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed Paul wearing a new shirt in this week’s video – “Human is My Superpower.” Sounds catchy, but what does it mean?

    We break it down to three things. First, it’s a reminder that your humanity is what makes you uniquely you, and defines the value you can bring. Not only that but the more you understand your uniqueness, the more you can use it to your own advantage and to the advantage of the people you work with. In the old world of work, we were all expected to work in largely the same way, but now technology advancements allow us to work in a way that fits us best as unique humans. All we have to do is understand ourselves well enough to know what will work best for us. At BillionMinds we help employees do that through something we call a guided voyage of self-discovery, but whether you use our platform or not, fully leveraging your own unique humanity is a huge advantage.

    Second, it’s a reminder that as technology continues to advance – the days of what Cal Newport calls “Human Routers” are numbered. If a major part of your job is just moving information around, or doing something slightly better than a computer can do today, you should be upskilling right now, and making sure that your focus is on human skills that computers cannot really emulate.

    Finally, for organizations, Human is My Superpower is a reminder that as robotics, AI, and automation become increasingly democratized, the main differentiator every company will have from others is the diverse group of humans who work for them. The companies that thrive will be those that recruit, retain and invest in great humans. All CEOs say that people are their most important asset. Now they need to mean it.


    Startup Hustle is one of the most popular podcasts out there in Entrepreneurial circles. This week Paul was fortunate enough to be featured in an episode. We talked about all the events that led up to BillionMinds being formed (which go back all the way to the birth of the PC) and had a great discussion about mindset and wellbeing in unstructured ambiguous work environments.

    Check it out on your favorite podcasting platform (look for the episode Improving Your Mindset and Life! on the Startup Hustle podcast or just click here.

    The Tip: Eating Outside for Better Productivity

    Video Length: 66 Seconds

    Al Fresco dining has been a thing for centuries, but only now are we realizing just how good it can be for us. In this video, we explore how it can help you fit well-being into your busy life.

    Check out the video below (and look out for a guest appearance from BillionMinds dog Jimmy!)

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