Lousy Workspaces, Impact, and Brains

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    Welcome to this week’s Remote Work Newsletter! Each week we drop a remote work tip video, a work-from-anywhere insight and a recommendation to discover more about remote work.

    Companies have traditionally measured work output by the amount of time people are physically present in the workplace. Employees would be in-office a set number of hours and if they worked more, companies would reward them with overtime pay. Sometimes, managers would provide additional rewards for above and beyond effort – for example working all night or into the weekend.

    But in a world where you can work from anywhere and at any time, does that still make sense? Many employees and employers are coming to the conclusion that it does not. Instead, they try to reward the results you drive.

    If you are working in this type of environment, the question is how do you maximize your ability to create an impact? In some cases, it’s working harder, but most times it’s about working smarter. Working smarter can involve many things, but as a minimum, it should include:

    • Ensuring that you have the skills to do your work efficiently (including the five skills we help you embed in the BillionMinds program)
    • Making sure you get enough rest and recuperation to show up for work effectively
    • Making sure that you make excellent use of technology to help you work more efficiently, including AI tools.

    In our own company, we are changing the conversation we have with our employees. We are now focusing less on how many hours they put in, and more on how they are working at getting more efficient, so they can bring more of their engaged human self to work every day.


    We had a great discussion recently with Natalie Wood on our Making Remote Work Podcast. Natalie is a leading expert on human-centric approaches within organizations. Our discussion delves into how to look after our brains and bodies for optimal performance in the workplace. As ever, you can find the episode on your favourite podcasting platform or watch the video here.

    Remote Work Productivity Tip: Getting Things Done When Your Workspace is Not Productive

    Video Length: 95 Seconds

    The joy of being able to work from anywhere – at least in theory – is that you can get your work done from places that you feel at your most productive. But in some cases you need to work in spaces that just don’t support your work style AT ALL. What do you do then? Check out this video for some tips you can use.

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