Overwork, Breaks and AI

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    Workplace burnout is a challenge for far too many employees. It’s now officially recognized by the World Health Organization, and many studies have shown it to be on the increase for several years.

    In our research, we’ve had two interesting findings related to burnout. First, remote work does not appear to be more associated with burnout. In fact, factors such as debilitating work commutes and dispiriting physical office environments can be much more challenging for sustaining engagement at work. Second, it can sometimes be more difficult for remote employees to identify that they are moving towards burnout. This is because of the merging of work and non-work environments. When there is a lack of delineation between the two, it can be more difficult to determine if work is the key factor at play or if other factors are more important.

    All of this leads us to a truism that we mention often at BillionMinds – that for work to work, your life has to work. We have found that employees who start from a strong foundation of wellbeing, and ensure that work takes its proper place as part of a fulfilling broader life, are less prone to burnout and more likely to be sustainably effective in the workplace.


    With AI so much in the news, many of you have asked us for our point of view on the topic. We’ve held off for a while, as we didn’t want to just repeat what is elsewhere (ironically, much of it produced by AI). But with the release of GPT 4.0 and the news this week of an open letter (which we signed) asking for future development of deeper AI technologies to be paused, we figured it was time for us to weigh in on what we think all this means for the remote and hybrid workplace.

    Key insights:

    • If you are going to truly understand the potential of AI in the workplace you need to move beyond reading about AI and start actively using AI tools now.
    • Human skills (soft skills centered around maximising your human potential become MORE important in a world dominated by AI.
    • In this new world, you need to change your mindset about work, focusing less on raw effort and more on working as efficiently as possible.

    Check out the full article here – Working with AI as a Remote or Hybrid Employee.

    Remote Work Productivity Tip: Combat the Overwork Stress Cycle

    Video Length: 94 Seconds

    Many of us are accustomed to working hard, but sometimes hard work feels, well, a bit too much like hard work. You might be familiar with the feeling, hard work creates stress, which makes it harder to do your work, which makes work pile up, and well, you get the picture. In this video, we discuss a simple fix to the problem.

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