Moving, Office Space, and Launch Party

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    Welcome to this week’s Remote Work Newsletter! Each week we drop a remote work tip video, a work-from-anywhere insight, and a recommendation to discover more about remote work.

    Last week we discussed how many days people should really work in the office if they have the flexibility to choose. We looked at the idea of starting with 1 day per week, but also seriously evaluating if that day can be common to as many team members as possible. If you decide to go down this path, it has some interesting knock-on effects. One is the physical structure of the office itself.

    Traditional offices need to support all modes of work – solo, team collaboration, larger gatherings, and 1:1 meetings. But what does the new office look like if it doesn’t have to support all of those requirements? This is a complicated topic and one we will blog about in more detail in the future, but in general, here is what we are seeing:

    • Fewer dedicated offices
    • Sit/Stand adjustable hotdesks
    • Combination of ad-hoc gathering spots and formal meeting spaces
    • Great sound isolation between meeting spaces
    • Dedicated phone booths
    • Software that allows users to optionally “check in to the office”

    This might seem like a co-working space, and in many ways it is! The goal here is to create a space where users can quickly get productive even if they are only there infrequently. So if you are working in a hybrid setting – and nothing has changed about the office you go to, then it might be time to suggest that your team or organization starts to think about how to optimize the space. Sometimes it can be as simple as just moving a few items of furniture around to create a better space for everyone in this new world of work.


    Our podcast is back for 2023, and we have a new name! It’s called Making Remote Work, to reflect our desire to make remote and hybrid work for everyone – employers and employees. The first episode is out already – we call our “Making Remote Work Launch Party” You can find us on your favorite podcast platform, or if you actually want to see our faces check us out here. In the coming weeks we are going to have some amazing guests, so look out for each new episode, and of course please help us get picked by the algorithms by liking and reviewing the podcast.

    Remote Work Tip: Get Moving!

    Video Length: 106 seconds

    Most of us who work remotely are moving less – a LOT less. And with sitting often described as the new smoking, that’s bad news for overall health. You might think that just being aware of that fact is enough, but if you are going to move consistently more as a remote worker, you are going to need to be a bit smarter than that. Here’s some guidance on what to do to be a more physically active remote employee.

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