The Endless Job Hunt

Paul welcomes back Dr. Charles Michael Austin, also known as Dr. Chaz, for an in-depth discussion about his latest book, “101 Ways to Find Work… and Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career.” This episode is a must-listen for anyone eager to navigate the evolving landscape of employment, whether you’re job hunting, seeking growth in your current role, or just curious about the changing dynamics of the workplace.

About Dr. Chaz:

Dr. Charles Michael Austin, an expert in Organizational Leadership with a Doctorate from Pepperdine University, brings over two decades of experience in guiding leaders and managers across the globe. Dr. Chaz is renowned for his proficiency in enhancing leadership effectiveness and leveraging social media for professional outreach. His expertise extends to training individuals in the Gig Economy on how to effectively market themselves. Additionally, Dr. Chaz is a seasoned educator, teaching a variety of courses in business, leadership, and communication.

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