Way Too Busy – Season 2 Ep.1 | the great reevaluation

It’s Season 2, and the long wait has been worth it. The team explains what’s been going on, how their work style has changed, and what they think it means for the workforce as a whole.

Way Too Busy is a podcast from BillionMinds. BillionMinds provides practical tools for our way too busy lives, through a 90 day transformation program that instills the behaviors of the most effective people in anyone who is open to change.

BillionMinds has taken over a dozen years of research into the habits of the most effective among us in this new world where work and life are merging. They’ve distilled it down into a 90 day program targeted at employees that do unstructured ambiguous work. Employees from 5 different countries around the world are using BillionMinds to help them start each day with a purpose and end it with accomplishment.

BillionMinds – providing practical tools for our way too busy lives.