Validating Your Ideas

Got an idea but not sure if it’s worth pursuing? Navigating your ocean of ideas can be a challenge, especially when cognitive biases like the endowment effect and confirmation bias cloud your judgment.

In this video, we’ll introduce you to a simple, bias-checking technique that will help you validate your ideas effectively. 🤔➡️🎯

👇 In This Video 👇

  • The Tricky Business of Ideas: Why cognitive biases can mislead you. 🧠
  • Simple Technique: A card-based method to objectively evaluate your ideas. 🗂️
  • Peer Reviews: Why external validation can keep you from wasting time. 👥

🌟 Key Takeaways 🌟

  1. One-Sentence Problem: Summarize the issue your idea addresses. 📝
  2. Current Solutions: How is the problem being solved today? 🛠️
  3. Your Solution: Write down your idea as an alternative. 💡
  4. Ranking: Validate your idea through peer ranking. 📊 ✅

Mastering the art of validating your ideas is an essential skill for adaptability and resilience. The more agile you are in evaluating and adapting your ideas, the more resilient you’ll be in your creative endeavors.

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