Skills for Remote and Hybrid Employees

Remote Work Doesn’t “Just Work”

Employees who are used to working in an office often struggle to make the transition to remote work or working in a hybrid setting. That’s because, along with certain tech skills, remote workers need certain soft skills to thrive in ambiguous working environments; specifically organization, control, motivation, balance, and resilience. At BillionMinds, we embed these skills into behaviors that empower employees to work independently and collaboratively both inside and outside of a traditional office setting.

Skills development that makes remote and hybrid easier

Improve Engagement

Skilled employees are engaged employees, and with BillionMinds you can plug one of the biggest skills gap around today - the HOW of remote/hybrid work. By developing great remote work skills, your employees can start each day with purpose and end it with accomplishment.

Verify Progress

As employees develop skills they can undergo regular skills checks and can get certified. This increases motivation, and allows employees to clearly see that they are making progress.

Increase Trust

Much of the distrust about remote work comes from managers and colleagues lacking confidence that remote workers can be effective. Our Remote Work Professional Certification gives external validation that employees have the capabilities to do great work out of the office.

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What's in it for my employees?

Our independent research has found that while remote and hybrid work environments can improve productivity, it can be challenging for employees to stay motivated and focused. With BillionMinds, they will learn the skills required to succeed outside of a formal office setting, giving them more time in their day and helping them separate their work lives from their personal lives.

What's in it for my organization?

Employees and managers with the skills to do remote work well are more engaged, productive, and sustainably effective in the most unstructured and ambiguous environments. Once employees have these skills, trust improves inside the organization, and you don’t have to resort to counterproductive micromanagement or surveillance.

Is this a ton of work to roll out?

Nope. ABSOLUTELY NOT. BillionMinds is web-based with an optional mobile app. All you’ll need to do is give your participating employees a link (and a little encouragement). That’s it!

When will employees start to notice the benefits?

Like any skills development program, you get out what you put in, but employees who commit 10 minutes each working day will typically see meaningful results in less than two weeks.

How do I sign my organization up?

Just book a call with us, and we can prepare a proposal for your employees to get started.

Transformed people create transformed organizations